The Nashville Kangaroos are an Australian Football team competing in the United States Australian Football League (USAFL) while also hosting the regional Metro League. Founded in 1997 as a member-based, not-for-profit organization, the Kangaroos have worked hard to establish ourselves as a prominent grass-roots organization within our community. The Nashville Kangaroos bring together Australian and American culture within the community and develop US-Australian relations through social events and sporting events. At the heart of the Roos is their love for their adopted home in Nashville, TN.



The Club is dedicated to fostering the national and international amateur sports competition of Australian football.


This mission is achieved by:

Playing and promoting Australian Football
Playing and promoting netball
Playing and promoting golf
Providing an Australian, New Zealand, and American business network
Hosting cultural events throughout the year.



The Nashville Kangaroos were incorporated in 1997 and became one of the founding clubs of USFooty, the official governing body of Australian Rules Football in the United States. From the beginning, the Kangaroos were more than just a bunch of guys looking to have a kick in the park — although that is, literally, how it started! The Kangaroos were the first club to become a legal entity, the first to elect a board of directors, the first to be awarded not-for-profit status, and it earned a series of other firsts.

In 2005, the Nashville Netball Club joined forces with us as a participatory club. Netball is the most popular women's sport in Australia, and is in a very similar development stage in the United States as Australian Football. Netball is played in every Commonwealth country in world. 2005 also saw the founding of the Nashville ANZACC Club. The club has been heavily involved in promoting Australian and New Zealand business over the year — and with the 2005 ANZACC Conference, you could not have picked a better time to launch the Nashville ANZACC Chapter.


In 2011, the Kangaroos were proud to announce the formation of a golf team.

In 2017, the Kangaroos welcomed their very first female football players. 


This kind of success is impossible to achieve in a volunteer organization operating on a shoe-string budget without significant time and effort, significant sacrifice and dedication to the cause. The Roll of Honor is our way of memorializing those who led the way, as well as those who came along later; all of them said, "This I believe," and made sacrifices to bring the club to where it is today. To all who are listed here, and to all who have helped in many other capacities over the years, "Good on ya, Mates." We would not be here today if not for you.

This is an exciting time in the development of Aussie-rules football and netball in the United States — we hope you will consider joining us today!




Board Steve.jpg

Steve van de Kamp

Board Joel.jpg

Joel Thornton
Vice President

Board Alexa.jpg

Alexa Roncancio


Board Saul.jpg

Phil Lavis

Board Mo.jpg

Maurice Howell
Board Director


Board of Directors
T. Dunn
J. Freeman
D. Harris
E. Ling
J. Persson
Club President - T. Dunn Secretary - J. Freeman Treasurer - E. Ling Football Coach - J. Persson Football Manager - J. Persson Football Best & Fairest - L. Monday Leading Goal Kicker - J. Thornton Best Clubman - Sam van de Kamp Lifetime 100 Games - J. Persson (200 games) Netball Coach - M. Beierlein