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It's the greatest game you've never heard of, until now!



Australian Rules football, aka “Aussie Rules” or “footy,” is the greatest game you haven't heard of, until now! 

Australian Rules football, aka “Aussie Rules” or “footy” is similar to soccer since every player can run anywhere. It’s like rugby since you play without pads but can only tackle between the knees and shoulders. It resembles volleyball and basketball since you jump to catch or punch the ball. It's like American Football because you can run with it. If you've played one or several of those sports then Aussie Rules is for you.


It’s the greatest game you haven’t played, yet, because it’s played on a large oval field with 18 players per team with players moving the ball by running with it, kicking it or punching it with their hands. You score by kicking the ball through goal posts untouched on the ground or in the air. Yes, you can bend it, bomb it, dink it while moving or standing still. You’ll love the cheers when you do!


Interested in getting involved? Great, come join the fun! We’re looking for new players and don’t worry we’ll teach you the basics, the rest is enjoying being part of the team.

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