Australian Rules football, or its shortened variants “Aussie Rules” or “footy,” is played on a large oval field with an egg-shaped ball.

Each team consists of 22 players – 18 on the field, four on the interchange bench. And each game is played across four quarters of 20 minutes each (plus overtime at pro level). A footy game is typically officiated by two-to-three field umpires (or referees), two boundary umpires and two goal umpires.

It is a full contact sport with no padding. Legal tackles are above the knee and below the neck, and the player you are tackling must be in possession of the ball, otherwise you’ll be penalized.

There are no zones in footy, which makes it one of the most free flowing sports in the world. You can start in defense and end up in the forward line, or vice versa.

Possession is maintained by either kicking or handballing “Volleyball” style to a teammate. Throws are illegal.

We’re the only sport that rewards you for missing a goal. At each end of the oval are four posts: two tall central posts, and two shorter outer posts. If you kick the ball between the two tall central posts, you score a goal (1 goal = 6 points). If the ball hits one of the tall posts, or is kicked between a tall and short post, you get 1 point!