Australian football is like no other sport on the planet.

The game is played on an oval field with an egg-shaped ball. 

A single team consists of 22 players – 18 on the field and 4 on the bench. And there’s a position for every shape and size – tall, short, big, slim.

But it’s more than just football! The Nashville Kangaroos host many events and get togethers throughout the year including Footy Fridays, a golf league, soccer games, and trivia nights just to name a few. Our men’s and women’s teams travel across the USA to play, and there’s nothing quite like a “footy weekend trip.”

Or if you want to stay in Nashville, we host a regional Metro League throughout the season!

Interested in becoming an official Roo or wanting to come along to one of our training sessions to try the game before committing? 



11am on March 30

Morgan Park, Germantown


11am on April 6

Elmington Park, Nashville

Come along to a recruitment day to learn the skills, drills and rules of Australian Football! No experience required, we will walk you through the game and end the day with a light scratch match. 

The Nashville Kangaroos Men's and Women's team will be at both Recruitment Days so feel free to attend either day or both!