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2024 Kangaroos Mid-Season Update

Roving Roo Reporter July 1, 2024

It is the end of June which not only is the midpoint of the calendar year, it is the midpoint of the Footy season.  Let’s take a moment to review how the club has performed so far.


New Gear

Metro - The team has replaced its old metro jumpers with brand new sharp-looking jumpers for both the Redbacks and the Wallabies. The old jumpers are now on sale for a pittance.

Kangaroos – The team has brand new jumpers for season 26, replacing the 20th Anniversary jumpers that have been the mainstay since 2017 and the even older jumpers before that.  These jumpers are also on sale for those seeking a bit of nostalgia.


Metro Season

2024 sees the renewal of the Nashville Metro League season with a five-game schedule. The matches are played on Friday nights at 7 pm and are held in Morgan Park under the lights.  The season kicked off May 10th and will conclude on September 27th, followed immediately by the AFL Grand Final Watch Party!

Metro 1 - The season kicked off May 10th with the Redbacks smashing the Wallabies 13.12(90) to 5.5(35).  On the positive side, the Metro league is there for the veterans who still want to have a kick and that was accomplished with the return of several: Ross “Rosscoe” Flemming, Travis “Quigs” Quigley, Steve “Ex-Prez” Van de Kamp, and Ian “Nilla” Eastwood. Great to see these boys back on the pitch!

Metro 2 – The season continued on June 7th, with another vet returning, Carlos “Taco Truck” Villacana. We also welcomed newbies Brendan Cloy, Brendan Feely, and Logan Vitovich (another reason for the Metro is to help the newbies get more game experience).  The teams were in a draw at the half-time siren with 4.3(27) each, but then the Redbacks shifted into overdrive and kicked ten unanswered goals, winning 14.6(90) to 4.3(27). Metro 3,4,5 – The Redbacks take a 2-0 game lead into the Metro 3, set for July 19., with Metro 4 on August 30 and the grand final on September 27.


Kangaroos Season

The Kangaroos have a full slate of games this year with 11 game days and 18 matches, one of the heavier schedules, but one that gives plenty of opportunity for everyone to get game time.


4/20 Columbus – The season kicked off April 20th at Elmington Park with the Columbus Cats visiting.  The first quarter was an even battle with the Cats leading by two points and they stretched their lead to 18 points at halftime.  The Roos tried to make a comeback in the third quarter, but the Cats again stretched their lead to 21 points. The fourth quarter was a repeat of the first (literally with Nashville kicking 2.2(14) and the Cats kicking 2.4(16)).  So, despite being close all game long, the Cats prevailed 10.12(72) to 6.9(45).  The goals for the Kangaroos came from the mid-fielders, with Andrew “OD” O’Dwyer slotting two, and Maurice “SloMo” Howell, Luke “Bagman” Chadwick, Max “Mini-Me” Chadwick, and Thomas Procter each with a major.  The Roos record versus Columbus now stands at 14-13 barely favoring the Roos, with Columbus winning six of the last seven matches.


5/4 Chicago -Next up two weeks later was Chicago, the team the Roos have played the second-most in their history.  This was the day of the massive rainstorms in Nashville and after a fair bit of hair pulling, the teams were able to set up and play at Pinkerton Park in Franklin (between thunderous downpours!).  Nashville got to an early, but slim seven-point lead in the first behind goals from Ty Harden and two from Luke “Bagman” Chadwick.  The second proved to be the premiership quarter with five Roos goals including a first ever goal from Jack Kees-McIlroy, two from Max “Mini-Me Bagman” Chadwick, one from the Bagman himself, and one from Maurice “SloMo” Howell and the Roos leading by five goals.  The third quarter was more even with Harden and the Bagman each scoring majors. The final quarter went to the Swans as the Roos settled for a final Bagman goal (giving him four total, one in each quarter).  Final tally, Roos 11.7(72) vs. Swans 5.6(36).  The Roo record against the Swans as of this match stood at 17-14.  Milestone game: Matt Filchak (25)


5/18 Three Rivers Cup – The Roos headed down to Rome, GA to take part in the Three Rivers Cup this year, with matches against Birmingham, Atlanta, and host club, Rome.

Birmingham - In the opening match the Roos took on for the first time ever, the Birmingham Bushrangers. Newcomer Johnny Guider kicked his first ever to get the Roos started, followed by perennial star Cody McLain, and then James “I’m a Gun” Telfer. As the half wore on Ty Harden got the Roos’ fourth and Saul Camarena got his first of the season giving the Roos a decent four goal margin.  The second half was an even battle with three goals a side, with Guider getting his second, and Telfer picking up two late to ensure the victory.  Milestone game: Brad Chamberlain (50) and Cody McLain (50)

Rome – In the second match of the day the Roos faced for the first time ever, the Rome Redbacks.  The battle started out with scoring shots but no real scoring, until James “I’m a Gun” Telfer put the first major on the board and the Roos trailed 10-9 at the break.  And then Telfer lived up to his name, kicking the only four goals of the half, leading the Roos to a comfortable win 5.7(37) to 1.4(10), setting up a grand final in the closing match.

Atlanta – With the Roos holding a 2-0 record going into the final match of the day, the Cup would belong to the winner.  Another low scoring half was played until Ty Harden got the first goal for the Roos to level the score.  And then it rained, with Telfer and Cody McLain giving the Roos a 15-point margin at the half as the Roos controlled much of the play.  The weather started to threaten while the Roos locked down the game; Telfer getting the only goal of the half, his third of the match and tenth of the tournament.  The skies opened up and absolutely drenched everyone and everything in sight in the last five minutes, but the Roos were dancing in the rain and drinking from the Three Rivers Cup (which might have been more accurately called the ‘Four’ Rivers Cup with as much rain came down on the field), closing out the match 4.7(31) to 2.2(14).  Atlanta is the most-played team in Roo history and this win gives the Roos a 28-10 record against the Kookaburras.


6/15 Eastern/Central Super Regional – This USAFL tournament is a showcase for teams to see where they stack up and how they may be looking for the National Championships in October.  The 2024 tournament was held in Dayton, OH and the temperatures soared into the 90s to match the heat of play on the battlefields.  The Roos drew the top seed in Division 3, and with high hopes for a second cup on the season, they took to the field.

St. Louis – The first game of the day featured a team the Roos (combined with the Cleveland Cannons) against the St. Louis Blues, a team that disappeared for a while but is now back (with the game in 2023 the first match between the clubs since 2009).  The Roos got their first goal from returning vet Ian “Nilla” Eastwood, and one from Dayne Plemmons of Cleveland to get the Roos out to a small lead.  Revolution standout Thomas Procter got two in the second half for the Roos who did not allow a goal in a dominating performance, winning 4.6(30) to 0.4(4).  The Roos lead the Blues all time 11-3.

Oklahoma Buffaloes – The second match, against the third seed, Oklahoma, was a rematch of last year’s Nationals match up where the Buffaloes dominated the Roos.  2024 was a different story, with the Roos getting a big half behind goals from Andrew Gleichert, Maurice “SloMo” Howell, Ty “I need a Nickname” Harden, Ian “Nilla” Eastman, and the ancient one Jeff “Peeps” Persson kicking the shortest goal of the year from two feet out (a la Phil “Two-Foot” Lavis).  The second half was more of the same with Cody McLain, Howell (his second), and Bill Comstock getting his first of the season.  When it was all over, vengeance was complete, Roos 8.11(59) to 0.2(2).  This set up the anticipated 1v2 match with Chicago to close out the day.  The Roos hold a 2-1 advantage all time against Oklahoma.

Chicago – The Roos had defeated Chicago in the Day of the Downpour in Nashville, so hopes ran high for a repeat performance.  The teams were so evenly matched that neither could gain any advantage, even so much as to garner scoring shots.  It wasn’t until late in the second half that Aaron Gardner, one of the Cannons, broke free and kicked the equalizer for the Roos (with both teams at 9 points).  Unfortunately, on the next ball up Chicago immediately kicked to the goal square and got the go ahead major, adding one more before the buzzer to prevail over the Roos 3.3(21) 1.4(10).  This Roos fell to 17-15 all-time against Chicago.

While the Kangaroos came up just short of a second cup on the season, their hard work was recognized by the voters with Thomas Procter named Division 3 Best and Fairest, and Cody McLain named the Division 3 Final MVP. Congratulations to both who will receive their medals at Awards Night.  Milestone game: Jeff Persson (250)


6/29 Baltimore – Following the Super Regional, the Roos were right back to work, taking on the Baltimore Dockers.  One thing about Nashville, there is a constant stream of Aussies who “find” the Kangaroos online and can’t believe footy is being played in the US (and in Nashville).  That was true again today.  With the heat index pushing triple digits and the clouds not providing a lot of cover, the game started early to avoid the heat.  But someone didn’t tell the newcomer Harry Lewis. He kicked three goals in the first quarter to get the Roos off and running. Saul Camarena got the fourth before the siren and the Roos led 28-0 in a blitzkrieg.  The second quarter started like the first with Lewis finding the scoring touch with two more majors before the Dockers started their comeback with three goals.  Lewis then pulled a Camarena and got his sixth of the match just before the half-time break.  Coming into the premiership quarter the Roos captain James “JD” Duty fired up the squad, and US Revolution stand out Thomas Procter heard the call and got two more on the board for the Roos until Lewis got is seventh to stretch the Roo lead to a comfortable 53.  The fourth quarter saw the return of the Luke “Bagman” Chadwick who got two goals off of highly contested marks before Lewis closed out the Roos scoring with his eighth of the match (and also making him the second Roo in three four-quarter matches this season to kick a goal in all four quarters!).  Final tally Roos 13.16(94), Dockers 5.5(35).  The Roos are now 2-4 all-time against Baltimore.



So far in 2024 there have been 35 Rooboys pulling on the Red and Blue Kangaroo jumper, one of the largest numbers in Roo history!  The Kangaroos complete the first half of 2024 a quite respectable 7-2 including a six-game win streak, bringing their record to 198-134-2 in 334 matches all-time.  They will have a chance to get win #200 next month in July, with a home match at home against Des Moines on July 13 and at Chicago in the Hendrie Cup on July 27.  Be sure to come cheer on the boys at both the Kangaroos and Metro matches, showing off your Roo gear, and if you don’t have any Roo gear, come to the games and get some!


How ‘bout them Rooboys!


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