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July 13 Des Moines Roosters Come to Nashville

Roving Roo Reporter

July 10, 2024



If you have followed the Roos for the last few years, you know that there is a new club that the Roos have played frequently in that time: the Des Moines Roosters.  Since 2015, Nashville and Des Moines have clashed five times, always at a Regional or Nationals tournament.  But this coming Saturday, July 13, for the first time, the Roosters come calling to Nashville.  The game is scheduled for 10:00 am CT at Elmington Park (earlier than normal game time, to avoid the heat and humidity that has been weighing down on Nashville the past month).



The Roosters formed in the mid-2010s and first lined up against the Kangaroos at the USAFL Nationals, where they secured the victory, 5.11(41) to 2.6(18), sending the message to all that they were a legitimate contender.  As is the USAFL tendency, the clubs were matched up the following year at the Central Regional tournament, where the Kangaroos extracted a bit of vengeance, gaining a narrow victory 6.8(44) to 6.4(40).


From there the clubs did not see each other again until post-Covid 2021 where they again tangled at Nationals, and as we all know and remember well, that was when the Kangaroos won the Division IV Championship, with a solid win against Des Moines 6.6(42) to 2.6(18) that put the Kangaroos in the Grand Final.  Again, the following year they played at the Central Regional (see a pattern here?), and again the Roos prevailed albeit this time by a much narrower margin 3.4(22) to 3.2(20).  Then last year, they were matched up at Nationals and again the Roos put a solid win on the board 6.3(39) to 4.2(26).


As you can see, the Kangaroos and Roosters are putting together a resume that has ‘rivalry’ written all over it, with no team able to crush the other and each battle being in doubt until the end.  At this point, the Kangaroos lead the series 4-1, and none of the matches have been at the home ground of either club.  That changes Saturday when the Roosters visit Nashville, and then on September 14, the Kangaroos return the favor and play for the first time in Iowa.  And who knows, the way things go, they are likely to face off at Nationals in Austin in October.


What to Look for on Saturday

This year has been a solid one for the Kangaroos, going 7-2 up to this point, with a six-game win streak that included the Three Rivers Cup in Rome, GA and two dominating wins at Eastern/Central Regionals.  But past results are no guarantee of future performance.  Look for the Kangaroos to be led by Captain James “JD” Duty and Vice Captain Saul Camarena to take the home ground advantage of knowing well the comfortable confines of Elmington Park, knowing how the footy bounces on that ground.


In the backline, expect a solid shut down performance from last game’s 1-Percener awardee Brendan Feely and long-time star Brad “Chambo” Chamberlain alongside Duty and Camarena.  Then look at the over-abundance of talent in the midfield, with Revolution star Thomas Procter, and perennial BOF contender, Cody McLain, with newly acquired ruckmen, Ty Harden and Bill Comstock flying high.  They will get support on the wings from Maurice “SloMo” Howell, Ross “Rosscoe” Flemming, and Colt “Cowboy” Atwell.  If they are as successful as we think they will be, they will have plenty of targets to shoot for in the forward line, with Luke “Bagman” Chadwick and crumber Nick “MiniMe” Chadwick, along with Andrew Gleichert and Ian “Nilla” Eastwood.  Now that is a pretty darn solid bunch of footy players to put on the field. And they will have plenty of support from the rest of the Roos.


So do yourself a favor, and come see the clash on Saturday morning, before the heat of the day, and be there to cheer on the Rooboys as they attempt to grab win number 199 all-time in Kangaroo history.  Be sure to get your Roo merchandise and wear it the rest of the day, all the way until the post-game function which will be held at Fat Bottom Brewery at 3 pm.


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