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Nashville Kangaroos Women with an impressive debut at USAFL Nationals

Three of our Nashville Kangaroos women, Alexa Roncancio, Natalie Smith, and Lauryl Desch played with the Calgary Kookaburras at the USALF Nationals debut and did they put on an impressive show!

While playing with the Kookaburras, the team went 2-2 at Nationals. Lauryl Desch showed her quick closing defensive play and her skills up top scoring one behind. Alexa Roncancio was all over the wing scoring one goal and five behinds. While Natalie was smashing through the middle scoring three behinds! Congrats to these three ladies for representing the Nashville Kangaroos in the first USAFL women’s debut!

The Nashville Kangaroos men team celebrate with the 3 representative of the Nashville Kangaroos women's team who made their debut at the USAFL Nationals Tournament with the Calgary Kookaburras.


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