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Two Teams, Two Matches, Two Results

Back to back matches began the Roo's 2022 season

Your Nashville Kangaroos opened the 2022 Season ready to put their pre-season training to the test. First up were the Columbus Cats from Ohio. A perennial rival, the Roos traveled up to Columbus to face the fired-up Cats. Having called every player within 100 miles they were ready to face the Roos.

It was a hot start for the Cats as they used their extra players to rotate in, confusing the Roo defense and taking a large lead. Nashville is made of stronger stuff than steel and after some halftime adjustments were ready to play. They stalled out the Cats attack and brought our own closing the fourth quarter with a scoring fury. It wasn't enough as the first half lead by the Cats proved too much to overcome. Team leader James "JD" Duty said, "We can do a better job of being vocal in the back lines. Columbus flooded us in the first half making it hard to keep up with the subs. We'll start better next game." Congrats to Columbus for their W but the rematch is already circled in Nashville's calendar for Saturday, August 27.

Moving on, a few words from the Roos esteemed captain on the Cincinnati match. "No two teams in the USAFL have faced each other as many times as have your Nashville Kangaroos and the Cincinnati Dockers. The latest iteration of the “Oldest Rivalry in the USAFL” took place in perfect conditions under the lights just outside of the glittering and glowing Downtown Nashville, and it did not disappoint.

Fans were treated to a hotly contested match, which stayed close for the duration. There were many efforts worthy of note, but a few really stood out. Andrew Gleichert ruled the midfield and the ruck like an angry tyrant, tapping, swatting, and clearing footballs in a frenzy. Cody McLain played with his usual otherworldly athleticism and fearlessness, effortlessly slotting the football into impossible destinations on multiple occasions. Joel Thornton played lights-out as well, finding himself in the right place at the right time to ensure Nashville’s ultimate victory.

Our newest player Andrew O’Dwyer, known simply as “O.D.” to his fellow Roos, debuted in the midfield on this perfect night. O.D. is brand new to footy, but the fact that he started in the MIDDLE should tell you most of what you need to know about this fella. While he still has much to learn to get his skillset up, it was very clear from his efforts under the lights that your Nashville Kangaroos have found a potential new star.

By the final siren, your Nashville Kangaroos came out ahead by a modest score. Once the teams met in the middle to make nice and show love and sportsmanship, pics were taken, beers were consumed, and the party moved from the field to Sonny's Patio & Pub: our beloved sponsor bar. There, we drank, ate together, gave awards, and in the process of becoming drunk as a unit, knew we were amongst family.

Up next for the Roos is the 25th Anniversary tournament: Tennessee Ashes. It's on Saturday, June 4th at Metro Soccer Complex, aka Dell Fields. Your Roos are welcoming the Chicago Swans, Baltimore Dockers and the North Carolina Tigers for this massive tournament. Save the date and bring your coolers!


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