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USAFL All-Regional Selection - Nashville Kangaroos

Ruckman Andrew Gleichert Earns USAFL Honors

Your Nashville Kangaroos have been on a roll the past five years. With players earning tournament awards, spots on the USAFL Revolution and a National Championship you'd think the hunger for success would get filled. Well as proof from your Roo's effort at this summer's Central Regionals, that hunger isn't getting filled. Your Roos have another player earning high praise from his peers and that's star Ruckman Andrew Gleichert. He was selected as part of the USAFL All-Regional team and we couldn't be prouder.

As you can see he's a dominating force of 6'5, 260lbs of solid granite muscle, that runs like a deer and hits like a lion. The man loves footy and keeps improving with each training session. He's worked hard and we're thrilled that he's getting recognized for his hard work.

When asked what the Roos mean to him he said, "The Nashville Kangaroos has done so much for me since I moved to Nashville. It has allowed me to create life-long friends as well as life-long memories. I am proud to be a Nashville Kangaroo."

We're proud of you too Andrew, Go Roos.


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