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Nashville Kangaroos 25th Silver Anniversary

Celebrating 1997-2022 – Part II

There have been a lot of incredible results and records made during the 25 year history of the Nashville Kangaroos. Here we’re going to focus on team achievements and share interesting statistics from the past 25 years.

For example, did you know that as of this writing since being a Founding Club of the USAFL, the Roos have played in 304 games and have won a National Championship. In June, 2022 at the inaugural Tennessee Ashes tournament, Nashville defeated North Carolina in its 300th club game. And with the strong showing at the Central Regional in June, the club’s overall record is an impressive 179-125-1.

Defending Our Home Turf

How about Home versus Road record? Given that the Roos play most regionals and all nationals games “on the road” there are significantly more games on the road. On the Road, the Roos have a lifetime record of 91-102-1. But at home, oh boy the Roos are a tough club to beat, with an overall record of 88-22-0!

The Mid-American league was co-founded by Nashville and existed from 2000-2011. The Roos were 31-22-0 and won three MAAFL championships (2000, 2002, and 2010).

Next, is the most incredible stat. Due to Covid, in 2021 the Regional tournaments were split into sub-regionals. On August 7, 2021 Nashville was matched up with Ohio Valley and Columbus in Cincinnati. In the first match Nashville dominated Ohio Valley 9.9.63 and in the second match they crushed Columbus 12.9.81. You may be wondering what is meant by dominating and crushing? By how much? What did those two clubs kick?

Well, that’s just it. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Zero, Nada as in Not A Thing. That’s right, on that day, Nashville didn’t surrender a point in 80 minutes of footy: 21-18-144 to 0.0.0.

It was a day made by legends.

National Champions

Speaking of championships, what about Nationals? Well, unfortunately, the record there isn’t quite as impressive, going 25-41-0 overall.

Fortunately, the 2021 team came out of Covid on a mission to succeed where past teams hadn’t. Led by a core of veteran players, the team was skilled, fast, lean and most importantly, played for the man to his left and right. The result? Nashville’s first National Championship! It was a special team as they never trailed during the tournament and closed the Finals game with heroic play by injured players. No excuses were made, no “should’ves” were said, they used their experience to close and earned the Grand Final victory.

This will be celebrated for years to come!

Memorable USAFL Games

You may be thinking that with all the success over the years, where does the club stack up in the USAFL? Back in 2002, one of the best ever clubs (not just for the Roos but for the league) Nashville went an impressive 16-2, losing to Denver in the Division I semi-final and still retaining the overall Number 2 ranking. That team was nearly matched by the 2012 team which went 13-4 and had a season highlight of Jesse “The Body Ventura” Wells kick the winning goal for the ‘not quite recovered from Saturday’s festivities’ 0-2 Roos on Sunday morning against 2-0 Orange County! That was the only time in USAFL history when Denver cheered for Nashville (as that goal knocked out the Bombers from the Grand Final and put Denver in)!

25 Years of Statistics

Most Home wins – 8 wins (2002)

Most Road wins – 10 wins (2012)

Longest winning streak – 10 games (2002)

Longest losing streak – 5 games, (2003, 2014, 2015) which is impressive for such a long history

Most goals for – 2002, 199 goals (11 per game!)

Most goals in a game – 30. 6/24/2006 Baton Rouge

Highest percentage – 2021, 361%


If the Kangaroos have played this many games, surely they had some rivalries. You betcha!!

The team the Roos have played the most is Atlanta, with an overall record of 27-10, which includes a stretch of eight straight wins (from 2012-2015). This rivalry started in 1999 at the Australian Festival and continues this day (although no match in 2022 is scheduled, it will restart in 2023).

Second is Cincinnati (16-12-1). The Cincinnati Dockers were also one of the Founding Club of the USAFL. They had the early advantage on the Roos winning six of the first eight matches, but Nashville has dominated ever since, turning the tables, now leading the overall series, including winning the last four matches.

Right behind is Chicago (including both the Swans and United as that was a name change only), with an overall record of 14-12. The Chicago team was there at the beginning in 1998 handing the Roos a loss in the 1998 National Championship, and the battle has been back and forth ever since with no club able to string more than three wins in a row. The Roos head to Chicago in September for the next installment.

Fourth overall is the Columbus Jackaroos (13-9) who formed in 2009 and won their first match against the Roos, but since then the Roos have held the edge including a five game winning streak that was broken in the 2022 season opening game, which the Kangaroos seek to avenge on August 27th.

There are a few other notable all-time successes for the Kangaroos, such as going 9-3 against both Baton Rouge and St. Louis, 9-4 against North Carolina, 8-1 against Louisville, and 7-0 against both Kansas City and Ohio Valley.

25th Anniversary Match

Speaking of days to remember, be sure to remember Saturday August 27, 2022 when the Nashville Kangaroos will host the Columbus Jackaroos at Elmington Park. This game has been designated as the 25th Silver Anniversary Game and is when the final list of all honorees will be released, including what position everyone has earned. In the meantime, here is a few more of the names that will be included. Keeping in mind that these names are listed in alphabetical order, feel free to speculate as to where each will end up on August 27th.

Chris Duffy

Tim Dunn

Ross Flemming

Steve Ford

Ian Fraser

John Freeman

Tim Fulwider

Tony Gilbert

Andrew Gleichert

David Harris

Kane Harrison

Maurice Howell


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